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Advice & Development

Extensive expertise for every project

As a leader in the composites industry, Poly Products has all the knowledge and skills available to advice you in every stage of your project. Our experts can turn your idea into an actual product, while our engineers convert your design into a perfect 3D CAD model.

Based on your project framework, Poly Products supports you with advice and the development of both the composite material and the technical designs of the product itself. This excellent preparation in every phase ensures that the actual production of your composite product, as a single piece or large batch, is carried out smoothly and leads to a perfect end product. Read more about the aspects involved in our support and development services.

Experts in:

  • Composite engineering
  • Material composition advice
  • 2D and 3D drawings and designs
  • Flow simulations
  • Strength calculations

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 3D CAD engineering

Composite engineering

The exact production method of composite materials leads to a set of unique properties. For every project, we answer an important question: Which material composition offers the best possibilities for an end product with the right shape, esthetic appearance, strength and construction? The engineers at Poly Products are amongst the most experienced professionals in their field in the world. Together they map all your needs and requirements to convert this into the ideal material for your specific project.


Material composition advise

Based on your needs and requirements and our expertise, Poly Products always finds the ideal material composition for your specific product. Composites are strong and highly durable materials that can be manufactured from various raw materials. Perhaps the best known ‘ingredient’ is fiberglass, a very strong and cost-efficient material. We also use carbon or aramid for products that require a combination of an even higher strength and lower weight. And if the focus lies on sustainability, we often use flax, hemp or basalt fibers as a basic ingredient. In addition to fibers, resin is another key component of composites. Poly Products has an abundance of these resins available, organic or synthetic, that have unique characteristics and can be applied to form a seamless match with the exact purpose of your project.

Composiet loopbrug: sterk en licht

2D and 3D designs

Thorough engineering, detailed designs and in-depth knowledge about all material properties are critical elements in the manufacturing process of high-end composites. The engineers at Poly Products work with the latest 3D CAD software to develop technical blueprints for every product. They design the composite products for you, calculate and verify all numbers and create the designs for the models and molds. And if you already have the initial sketches or 3D shape available, then we can turn this into a technical design.

Flowsimulatie van complexe composietproducten

Flow simulations

Composite products come to exist by having the liquid version of the substance take its shape and letting it dry under ideal circumstances. Of course it is important that the composite material, while still liquid, flows into the mold optimally to reach its ultimate strength. To guarantee this optimal flow, we use the high-tech Poly Worx software to carry out flow simulations. By combining this software with 3D CAD drawings, the flow of the substance in the RTM process (vacuum injection) can be entirely predicted. This prevents the potential issue of encapsulated air bubbles, while material usage and process efficiency are optimized.

 _0003_infra en water

Strength calculations

The structural strength of every single constructive composite product is something you must be able to rely on under all possible conditions. This is why Poly Products carries out extensive strength calculations. During the production, we process the fiber reinforcements into the composite in the right direction and with the right methods, after which the entire construction can be recalculated with various analyses. This prevents material waste, while guaranteeing the strength of your composite product.



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