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Lunch session about composites

Exchanging thoughts with colleagues, industry and job role peers in a relaxed setting is both useful and fun. Composites offer virtually limitless opportunities, and by further expanding your knowledge about this topic, you will be making even more validated decisions in the future. As an industry leader, Poly Products is able to create such a setting for the industry, as our work also involves the responsibility of sharing knowledge and information.

During our lunch sessions, hosted at your location or our own Experience Center where we serve a tasty lunch, our experts get you up to speed about the latest developments in various predefined topics in less than an hour. We often do this for our customers, but also – naturally non-obligatory – for other interested parties. We will of course comply with your busy daily schedule so that your preferences are met.

Are you interested in having us providing you with relevant information in a lunch session? Contact Poly Products today and we’ll start preparing for a successful session for your organization!


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