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NPSP and Poly Products join forces

Poly Products entered into a strategic alliance that combines our vast experience with composites with the clout of the European leader in the field of bio-based composites. Together, we are one of the largest companies in this field of expertise in the Netherlands, while even being the industry leader in the entire European market.

Werkendam, the Netherlands, 20 February 2014
Poly Products, located in Werkendam, the Netherlands, a manufacturer of composites with almost half a century worth of experience, and NPSP, located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, an industry leader in the field of sustainable composites, will cooperate intensively. By joining forces and operate from the Werkendam location together, NPSP is enables to focus on the development and sales of (bio-based) composites, while Poly Products expands its core business with the manufacturing of these bio-based materials. Together, both companies have a commanding role in the growing industry for bio-based composites

Based on this cooperation, two rapidly growing markets meet. The demand for composites is heading towards a quick growth in various industries which include the automotive industry and the construction industry. Simultaneously, our society is also changing and governments and companies increasingly value sustainability and environmentally-friendly products, for which bio-based composites are an ideal solution as a green alternative for composites that are reinforced with fiberglass.

About Poly Products

Poly Products is a Dutch industry leader in the development of composites. Sensational projects this company worked on include the façade of the Mahler 4 office ‘The Rock’ located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, the development of the foldable FRP Cargoshell container and the outer casing of the Uyllander bridge near Diemen which was recently nominated for an award by ESEF. Technical products such as large blanks, casings and coatings are also part of the core business. Based on nearly half a century of experience, Poly Products also developed its own product lines such as Detos, a modular casing system applied for pumps, equipment and individuals.

About NPSP

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NPSP is the European industry leader in sustainable composites. By working with natural resources that include flax, hemp and bio-based resin, they produce composites with a longer lifecycle and a highly reduced waste-production while the value remains excellent. The bio-based composites developed by NPSP are sold as the Nabasco® label, an abbreviation for Nature Based Composites.

Successful business cases of these products include the world’s first bio-based facade, the fronts of various trains, the Nuna Solar Car, design chairs for Pastoe, mushrooms for the ANWB and the facade of the Enexis building. NPSP recently also developed an electric scooter in cooperation with partners such as Van Eko, DSM, AKZO Nobel, the flax and hemp industry and InHolland University. In 2011, NPSP was awarded the Excellent Entrepreneurship Award by the Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry; the most renowned award in this industry for innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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