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100% Green Power

Products made from composite materials are characterized by their high durability and great longevity, while having a relatively low environmental impact during their lifecycle; outperforming steel, concrete or wood by three or even four times. This has been proven time and time again by various independent researches and are calculated over the material’s entire lifecycle; from the first raw material up to the end product.

As an organization that processes these raw materials into the end products, we form an important shackle in this lifecycle. By carrying out our production processes as efficiently as possible and proactively limiting our waste production (both in terms of materials and energy) we contribute to decrease the environmental footprint of composite materials even further.

Energy is a very important shackle in the life-cycle. To improve this we have taken our responsibility and, after already putting up solar panels on the top of our factory, we have switched to receiving 100% green power from our supplier.

100% groene stroom
100% groene stroom

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