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They’re stories you hear more often and often: young people who lose their jobs and don’t have much work experience which decreases their chances at finding a new job. The European youth employment numbers are skyrocketing, while the paradox is that our ageing society will need increasingly more young people who are able to do their jobs. A close cooperation between various maritime companies in our region, the local Social Security Department and the Work Insurance Agency (UWV) has resulted in the formation of the Keep Sailing project (in Dutch: Behouden Vaart).

The foundation created for this purpose, gives young people who (temporarily) have no job, the opportunity to work on refurbishing old ships, thus preparing them for a career in the maritime industry. Working in this industry requires craftsmanship. This knowledge and experience is transferred from experienced industry elders to the youths who are now making their first steps in this sector. They have the opportunity to directly work for various possible future employers in job roles such as a metal worker, painter, interior designer or electrician. Once they have completed their Learn & Work project, they can add their newly learned skills to their résumé and obtain a job at one of the project partners, another maritime company or even in another industry more easily. This turns this cooperation into an effective and mutually beneficial one.

Poly Products supports this project by sharing its knowledge, expertise and materials. By doing so, we further increase the tangibility of our CSR policy by making good on our social responsibility by enabling our youth to obtain the skills and knowledge they require to keep our future economy functioning and growing.

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