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Oxfam Novib

Poly Products supports Oxfam Novib

Poly Products has been an industry leader in tailor-made composite products for nearly half a century. In addition to working hard to attain the professional and economic objectives of our customers and our own organization, we are also highly aware about our social responsibility and therefore endeavor to leave this world a better place for new generations. Amongst various initiatives, we are an official Oxfam Novib ambassador and support this organization.

Oxfam Novib makes a difference for poor people living in developing countries. Thanks to the special micro financing program, local entrepreneurs can obtain a microcredit to start their own company and with that, work towards an economically feasible, independent life. This allows people to work on the prosperity of their own lives, and their country. As an ambassador, we support these initiatives.

At Poly Products, we believe it’s important to deliver great products and services, but also to contribute in eradicating poverty from our world. Getting a loan from a bank is often not possible for people without collateral. Thanks to our support, they still are able to get the same opportunities as we have in our lives. With this loan, they can start their own company and work towards an independent life. Oxfam Novib supports us in our ambassadorship and in communicating this social responsibility externally.

Tom van der Lee, Campaign Director at Oxfam Novib, shares their vision: “Oxfam Novib gladly cooperates with the private sector to create a world in which poverty is non-existent and every person has the same opportunities. We do so by offering people who currently do not have these opportunities the possibility to work with a microcredit. Everything we do at Oxfam Novib revolves around our belief that every person is capable. Being able to take care of yourself is essential for an independent life. And furthermore, it also contributes to a country’s sustainable economic development.”

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