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3,500m2 composite production factory

Poly Products offers virtually limitless possibilities in the creation of composite materials and products. For various customers in the public and private sector, including famous architects and high-end engineers, we manufacture high-quality, sustainable and low-maintenance composite materials and products in our own factory.

If you can imagine what kind of product, shape or material you want to have made for your organization, we can manufacture it. The highly sustainable end result will last for decades while requiring very little maintenance. Are you curious about our creation process? Then continue to read about the phases in which our work can be divided.

Poly Products offers:

  • Production of unique single pieces
  • Production of (large) batches
  • Renovation & Maintenance
  • (Final) assembly
  • Prototypes and pilot setups
  • Mold construction and tooling
  • Water jet cutting
  • Guaranteed qualityt
  • Sustainable solutions

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Production methods

The requirements for the exact material properties of composites are unique for every project. As a partner with vast experience in composites, Poly Products has all the know-how available to configure an ideal composition of the material used for your project. Once that’s determined, we also find the ideal production methods to create the composite for you. This might be vacuum injection under foil, RTM with double molds, fiberglass molding, fiber injections and hot and cold pressings.


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Projects and single pieces

Many of our customers request us to manufacture a unique, single piece composite product. Our factory is designed to accommodate just that. With special ‘direct molds’, a mold that’s made specifically for a single or a small number of products, we can manufacture tailor-made products quickly and efficiently; and there’s no limits to its dimensions

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Batch production

Of course Poly Products also provides for the production of (large) batches of identical products. Once the design and the pilot product have been approved, we develop various molds that allows us to manufacture large quantities of the same product in a rapid pace. In the pre-manufacturing phase, our experienced technicians will meticulously work on the production process, to ensure that it is fully optimized, thus accelerating the production pace while lowering operational costs.

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Renovation & Maintenance

A great benefit of composite products is that they require very little maintenance, especially in comparison to other construction materials. Every now and again however, you might want to have some work done. Perhaps your object got damaged, an art object lost a bit of its glance after extended exposure to the weather or you need a new coating in a chemical environment. Our maintenance tasks can be carried out on-site, or we can disassemble the entire object, renovate it in our own factory, and reassemble it on its location; as good as new and ready for years to come.

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Once your composite product has been developed and manufactured by Poly Products, you might want to assemble it, or parts of it, on an existing construction. This of course requires a ‘mini project’ to find the best way to install your composite product firmly on its place. We proactively think along in this important aspect from the first step, to find the optimal assembly method; for instance with a mechanical connection, glue or molding.

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Prototypes and pilot setups

Complex products and projects require extra safeguards and guarantees to ensure that all (certification) requirements are fully met, but also that every single improvement opportunity is identified before the actual production and delivery. This is why we regularly manufacture a single or few prototypes or pilot setups. These are subjected to fire tests, strength tests, wear tests and more, to offer you an absolute quality guarantee.

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Mold construction & Tooling

Composite products are poured in molds, which means that a high-quality mold is the first prerequisite for a high-quality end product. We develop composite molds for batch productions, or so called ‘direct molds’ for the production of a single product or small quantity of products. Upon receiving your approval for the drawings, we develop and build the molds, all auxiliary tools or partial molds that support a highly efficient production process.


Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is an efficient and accurate method to process various materials. Poly Products owns a water jet cutter with a range of approx.. 3.7 x 1.8 meters that allows us to convert 2D drawings into cutaway drawings. In addition to composites, we can also apply this machine for you to cut steel, aluminum, concrete, wood and foam.

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Safety and quality are of course highly important to our company. This is why we are ISO 9001 and SSC* certified, both in our factory and at your location. Our professionals possess vast experience, allowing them to manufacture even the most complex composite products for you. We furthermore possess shop approvals for both Lloyd’s Register and Germanischer Lloyd, often used for seagoing constructive applications.




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