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Composites are so incredibly versatile that the options to use it are virtually limitless and the construction of your specific object can be done in a multitude of ways. Of course this is an absolute benefit, but its only downside is that it can at times be hard to think about the ideal way to have your product manufactured. That’s why this segment of our website is designed to inspire you.

Throughout the decades of our industry leading expertise, we at Poly Products developed and manufactured an abundance of unique and appealing projects for many different customers. Feel free to browse through a vast collection of great composite products.

Industries in which we work include:

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Industry, Water & Energy

Composites offer the ultimate solution in comparison to traditional construction materials that have various limitations. Steel can rust, wood can rot, both are high-maintenance. The chemical resistance, low weight, especially high durability and incredible strength of composites are the key elements that lead our customers to opt for this material for their projects.

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Infra & Public Space

The high weather resistance, low maintenance requirements and immense strength of composites are attractive properties of this material. Add to that its insulating capacities and the very limited weight, and you can jump to the conclusion that composites are the ideal material for the constructions of bridges, awnings, railroad elements and many more applications. For nearly half a century, Poly Products advices, develops and manufactures these products for a versatile international customer portfolio.

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Casings & Covers

Modular casings and covers are used in many different environments. They include chemical environments and outdoor setups, with elements that are constructed individually or in an insulating sandwich construction with a foam core and composite outer layers. Poly Products manufactures your elements entirely tailor-made to deliver an ideal product from both an esthetic and practical point of view, while being incredibly strong and durable.

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CRS gevelpanelen Mahler4

Utility & Interior

Highly appealing projects. Unique shapes and a every possible color. For and together with customers and architects, Poly Products manufactures entire facades, interior panels, front desks, decorative elements and more from composite materials. This guarantees a very long lifecycle, low maintenance and a high degree of durability and sustainability, turning it into a solution that’s in very popular demand.

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_0004_superjachten en maritiem

Leisure & Wellness

Special whirlpools, moveable pool covers or elements in swimming pools. Composites are perfectly applicable for all projects involving water. We also build luxurious swimming pools and Jacuzzis on board of super and mega yachts that are fully tailor-made and comply with the most stringent quality requirements. We also manufacture elements for submarines, marine ships and ferries. Of course and if required we can manufacture and deliver these products with an individual certification label from Germanischer Lloyd or Lloyd’s Register.

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Infra mobiliteit Sprinter

Transport & Mobility

Composites are very strong yet have an incredibly low weight, turning it into a substance that’s ideal for everything that must be transported. Poly Products offers advice, develops and manufactures composite elements for buses, trucks, trains and trams, but also for mobile homes, trailers, recreational vehicles and promotional purposes. We make both products and molds for exterior and interior elements that comply with your organization’s needs and requirements.

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