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Liquid proof floors

Modulaire delen van 5,5 x 2,4


2014 - heden


Our customers regularly ask us to carry out maintenance or repairs to traditional liquid proof floors made of various substances such as concrete. The repair of cracks, erosion, detached kit joints, penetration of liquids and general deterioration may cause for significant maintenance costs. At the same time, the expected lifecycle of concrete or tarmac is also relatively limited and once such a floor is put in place, it’s never to be moved again. Based on these recurring and high maintenance costs and lack of flexibility, a liquid proof floor made of concrete or tarmac is an expensive option when looking at the entire lifecycle.

The solution for this business problem is both simple and effective. Poly Products developed its own liquid proof solution (patented with file number 1040025), made from incredibly strong and sustainable composite material. It’s a modular system of liquid proof elements, each measuring 5.5 x 2.4 meters, that can be interconnected to fill every possible surface you want to cover. As this material is much stronger than concrete, it can easily carry vehicles weighing up to 60 tonnes! And it’s also much lighter in weight, which means that transport and processing is simplified and much more economic. This unique replacement for concrete and tarmac has a thirty year life expectancy and with that, outperform concrete solutions by far.

These composite floors can be easily installed on an existing hardened underground of virtually any possible type, after which the individual elements are interconnected with a liquid proof system, subjected to an extensive inspection and made ready for commissioning. There is no need for excavations or heavy foundations and if you want to transport the liquid proof floor system to another location, it’s possible while the old location can be restored to its old state quite easily. As every single element is hydraulically dimensioned, liquid drainage is guaranteed, after which these liquids flow through the drain channel towards a sludge collector or other system where it can be cleaned.

Product benefits

  • Installed on top of an existing hard floor and removed without damaging the surface.
  • Can be used as a temporary / mobile washing place, significantly lowering mobilization costs
  • Low-maintenance and very strong
  • Can be installed in many varieties
  • Chemically resistant, no need for additional separate coating
  • Can be installed as a temporary facility
  • No need for excavations or foundations


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